New Little Woman North American Christmas release, Ronan expected to be nominated for the fourth Oscar

New “Little Woman” North American Christmas release, Ronan expected to be nominated for the fourth Oscar
On November 26th, the movie “Little Women” (provisional translation) produced and produced by Greta Gwegg, produced by Columbia Film Corporation of the United States, was completely lifted.The platform’s good score of 90 points quickly earned the must-see certification.”Sister Mudge Flowers” Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Eliza Scanlan, Florence Poe, “Sweet Tea” Timothy Chalemed, Laura DengWell, “Aunt Mei” Meryl Streep, etc., experienced fans of amazing acting skills, the film received 21 reviews on MTC, and scored as high as 90 points.Whether the film is a unique adaptation or touching emotional power; whether it is endowed with the original color of the era or the ultimate exquisite music and art, it has been highly praised by foreign media and fans.It is reported that the movie can?December 25?Christmas landed on the North American theater.The new version of “Little Women” once again put the novel written by Louisa May Alcott on the screen and called it a family of four independent women who insisted on self and strived to pursue their dreams.Director Greta Goveg has brought more publicity, fierceness, and vibrant modern style to this timeless classic novel.”Empire Magazine” commented: “The director made a bold choice in the general story, her adaptation and any previous work, especially the final ending beyond any version.”Forbes” reported: “Greita Goveg has brought an old story to life, this is an adaptation in the best sense.””The Guardian” commented: “The film was fascinating and passionate, and it was a rich, warm, heavy and passionate new adaptation of this classic novel.”, The film’s luxury level has also been regarded as a” fairy fight “series by netizens.Ronan played the passionate and advocating Joe, and her performance was praised by the fans. “Ronan ‘s fourth Oscar appointment is stable!”” And her romantic and sad love for “Sweet Tea” is also very touching. The two of them are in the same frame again after “Miss Bird”, really “sprinkling sugar” countless.In the film, the sisters of Mudgee faced life optimistically and mastered their own attitude towards life, which was also unanimously recognized by the media.The movie “Little Woman” reproduces a beautiful and warm age and a sincere and timeless story.The film has a meticulous portrayal of women’s growth, celebrating their independence and bravery, pursuing their own qualities, and aroused deep resonance among the audience.Too many fans said, “Every age should have its own little woman. The different life choices of the four sisters will bring us a lot of thinking and inspiration.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Liu Jun